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NIKKOHM was established to produce a film of microwave attenuators by PVD in 1966.
NIKKOHM develops business by producing industrial use resistor and the film application products such as a thin film thermopile, a thin film precision resistor, a thick film high power resistor, a microwave termination and attenuator afterwards.

All NIKKOHM stuffs love fixed resistors, and a manager and the employee of NIKKOHM are attached to resistors. NIKKOHM stimulate our curiosity because the phenomenon of the electrical conduction mechanism of the polycrystalline metal alloy, the electrical conduction of the thin film alloy, the electrical conduction of the thick film of the resistor, the heat conduction of resistor cannot explain in modern technology.

NIKKOHM can produce precision resistors of temperature coefficient 0.0 ppm/C - +1.0ppm/C, but a system becoming 1.0 ppm/C does not explain in detail. In inverter application, a short time pulse, it contains electric energy of very wide frequency range, is added to a resistor, and we cannot describe how does the short pulse power of several nanoseconds damage a small area of thin film of resistor and how does heat transfer and its transient response clearly.
The resistor does not run out of interest.

In 1986, NIKKOHM developed the power resistor which was similar appearance of the power semiconductor in cooperation with a major electrical manufacturer in a world beginning and contributed to the performance structure of the broadband video amplifier. World several companies release a similar product and, by the name power film resistor which was superior in a high frequency characteristic, enlarge a use with progress and the spread of inverter technologies and control energy consumption and do contribution to society afterwards.

NIKKOHM realize high performance in precision, a temperature coefficient, thermal resistance, high frequency properties, and our product maintains long-term stability and low failure rate of the performance and NIKKOHM resistor shows high reliability.

NIKKOHM promise that we will develop a resistor to assist all of your work and we will supply it continuously in future.

Shigeru Hidaka, Ph D & President, NIKKOHM CO., LTD.


Shigeru Hidaka

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